Monday, January 21, 2008

Chronicles of a new blogger

OK, so I am supposed to talk about my experience setting up my first blog. To start with, I am not good about reading long instructions so I just kind of jumped off the cliff. Perhaps I missed some basic info that will confuse me later on but the process of setting up the blog seemed quite simple. I wanted an image of myself but was not sure how to get one since there are no pictures of me (that I could find, whew!) on the web. However, Marge with a makeover speaks to my inner self so there you have it.

I am uncertain as to how I'll be able to use this blog in the real world. Not one to share my innermost thoughts with the world, I would see it being more of a way to share with colleagues some interesting tidbits from the world of libraries.

Hello and welcome!

This is the first post on my new "basic blog." I am just getting started and thus hope that more entries, and more interesting entries, will follow.